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Dental Industry Workforce Predictions for 2030: 3 Notes

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The U.S. is projected to face a shortage of more than 4,000 general dentists in 2030, according to the National Health Resources and Services Administration.

The agency used HRSA's Health Workforce Simulation model to make industry projections based on 2017 estimates.

Below are three key report projections for 2030:

1. An expected 9 percent demand increase for general dentists, with a 6 percent supply increase, leaving a shortage of 4,810 dentists.

2. Faster growth in supply of some specialties:

  • Pediatric dentists (50 percent)

  • Endodontists (17 percent

  • Orthodontists (16 percent)

  • Oral surgeons (13 percent)

3. A 20 percent supply increase for dental hygienists, with only a 7 percent increase in demand.

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